Every week, we produce more than a million yards of fabric.

We’ve been weaving fabrics for more than 125 years. Our exceptional products are the result of our unparalleled expertise and attention to detail. Our customers return to us again and again to manufacture fabrics that offer exceptional performance and meet the highest standards.


We Make Fabric For

United States Armed Forces Uniforms
Greenwood Mills is proud to be the largest American supplier of spun nylon/cotton fabrics to the US military. Our materials are used to make – among other products – flame-retardant uniforms and the Joint Service Lightweight Integrated Suit Technology (JSLIST) apparel that keep servicemembers protected from chemical, biological, and other hazards.

Industrial Apparel Manufacturers
Our 88/12 nylon/cotton blend is treated (filtered, coated, and buffed) to offer maximum protection from electrical fires, flash fires, and other fire hazards.

…workwear and uniform buyers, consumer apparel brands, and many more.

How to Buy

How we do it

We bring in cotton, other natural, and man-made fibers from trusted suppliers around the world. The first step in the process of converting fibers into high-grade cloth is to spin the yarn.

First, the fibers are carded, meaning they are cleaned and disentangled using cutting-edge Truetzschler equipment. Next, they are combed, which removes any short fibers. Finally, the fibers are spun, converting the carded and combed fibers into yarn.

Using the latest spinning technologies, our first-rate team applies a variety of techniques – including vortex, open-end, ring, and air-jet – to create the highest-quality yarn.


To convert the yarn into cloth, we use state-of-the-art Picanol looms. We are equipped to produce a variety of constructions, including plain weaves, twills, sateens, and baskets – all with customizable widths from 48 to 85 inches.


Our quality control processes are second-to-none. Before our fabric leaves the mill, it must pass a rigorous final inspection. This ensures our customers receive top quality products from our plants. The final output is called greige fabric, a cloth suitable for dying, cutting, and conversion into high-performance products.